Sunday, September 13, 2009

The DOOMED children of Malapascua

The DOOMED children of Malapascua

Is it an deatth Penalty to live or stay in Malapascua, that little Island north of Cebu with about 7000 residents and up to 700 tourist additional per month average ?

Again on 29.August 2009 the tragic death hit Malapascua when little 1 year old girl CHRIS LORENZE ALAJID, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald / Erlita ALAJID, Sitio Indonacion, Barangay Logon, died.

Chris Lorenze got sick caused of Measels. Measels could be prevented by vaccination but there is no HOSPITAL on Malapascua and no Doctor who could help. Measles - underestimated danger, Vaccination protects against lethal consequences. Disease progresses in two phases , If one has been infected, asymptomatic incubation period is the eight to twelve days. The initial symptoms are still nonspecific, the child feels unwell, has a cold and dry cough, swollen, red eyes and sore throat, fever rises slightly. At this time there is danger of infection for about a week. Only two or three days later show themselves in the mouth to the back teeth calcareous grayish-white spots. If the spots are as follows with great certainty until a late three days and the rash, which can - stretch starting with small red spots - all over the body and spread to within two to three days abates. This is the second phase of the disease. So it happend to little Chris Lorenze.

For every seventh child, this disease leads to complications. By the measles virus in the body's natural defenses are weakened, which makes the child vulnerable to infections of all kinds. As long as not all children are vaccinated against measles, there will always be problems. People who receive after her tenth birthday or as adults measles disease is two to three times more likely to encephalitis as children under five.

There must be a hospital in Malapascua and there must be a doctor to give cost free protective vaccination to alle childs of Malapascua. In order to eradicate measles, one needs a clear vaccination strategy that reaches all children in the second year of life. Particularly in community organizations can quickly spread measles. Unvaccinated children have not only become a high risk of disease - they also threaten the health of others, so it happend to little Chris Lorenza. The scheme under which all children must be vaccinated against measles before they can attend a community institution, has proved effective in many countries as very successful. Because there is still some 240,000 children worldwide die each year from measles, on Malapascua Island estimated 20 children each year - it is a dangerous disease.

The Governeur of Cebu GWEN GARCIA has taken the administration of Malapascua Island (also formerly known as LOGON Island). So she is responsible for the health of the childs, residents and visitors of Malapascua. This responsibility for Malapascua can be perceived by building a small hospital with a doctor 24 hours standby and an appropriate health plan for the population. It is a scandal, cause there is already construction plan, a property for a hospital and there also is construction material. See also article :



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MALAPASCUA HOSPITAL: 1/2 million Pesos rotting in the ground

MALAPSCUA HOSPITAL: 1/2 million Pesos rotting in the ground

“Welcome to the PHILIPPINES”, that’s what a Doctor from University Cebu answered when he got notice from the story of the proposed HOSPITAL MALAPASCUA and had seen the newest sad dramatic pictures/fotos of that place.

This is the place sponsored 2007 from "MANGROVE ORIENTAL RESORT" for our new HOSPITAL

Down deep in the middle of the island, near the local island power station (Diesel Generator giving electricity to Malapascua for 5 hours each day) one can find the place where the proposed and so badly needed new HOSPITAL for MALAPASCUA should have been build since more than 2 years. If one is not familiar with that place, you will never find it.

Just like searching in the jungle of YUCATAN for the old Maya Pyramides , we tried to find the MALAPASCUA HOSPITAL in Malapascua. Without the help of some local people (even most of them don’t know that place and where to find) we would have never found the Malapascua HOSPITAL.

It is so sad to see how the good will of some people and money gets wasted if you see that place. Deep in the high grass we found that place where thousands of construction materials are rotting and rusting in the sun and rain: Hollowblocks , Coco lumber, concrete mixer, steel trusses, steel frames, Grabba and more.

Coco lumber almost decayed

Construction steel frames already totaly corroded

  • So WHO is responsible for this DRAMA ?
    1.) The local Barangay Hall and Barangay Captain?,
    2.) The Municiapility in Daan Bantayan and Mayor Sun Shimura?
    3.) The Governor from CEBU Gwen Garcia who took over the administration of Malapascua in her hands?
  • Who is to blame?
  • How many more islanders and foreigners and guests must die on Malapascua cause of NO DOCTOR and NO HOSPITAL considering the rapidly increasing TOURIST SPOT in the north of Cebu ?
  • Why does no official takes care to start constructing the Hospital ?

  • What about the DOT (Department of Tourism)?
    Only printing nice brochures but forget the urgent needed HOSPITAL?! DOT should always think of the welfare of all tourists going to MALAPASCUA, with the aim to sustain and preserve its reputation as a premier tourist destination ……….could it be possible ???? (isolated island with no doctor and no hospital!!)

Steel trusses (MALAPASCUA HOSPITAL) full of rust
cause of high humidity salty air. Nobody takes care to
prevent from rust, so in 1-2 years these trusses are not more than scrap.

A friend of mine answered to me: “Jake, don’t get angry, next year is election, you and the people of MALAPASCUA should make a better choice whom to give your vote to realize and resolve this problem".


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Sunday, July 5, 2009

When does MALAPASCUA gets the long time promised Doctor and HOSPITAL

Since 2007 , and even longer, the Municipio planned to build a HOSPITAL on the Island of MALAPASCUA for its 7000 inhabitants and monthly about 900 and more tourist divers from the whole world visiting the island, known as the Thresher Shark Island and one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. The only place in the world where divers can watch Thresher Sharks coming to the nearby sunken island MONAD SHOAL and KIMOD SHOAL.

The Goverment planned to build a three-bed hospital with a Doctor 24 hours in presence. But until now there is NO avaiable medical help (except a midwife) , NO DOCTOR, no Hospital to give first aid in case of an accident or sudden sickness. The next Hospital is 45 minutes by boat across the Visayan Sea to the Mainland Cebu Maya and further another 20 minutes (if a car is available) to the Barangay Daan Bantayan. In case there is in Daan Bantayan Hospital no help available cause of missing equipment and medical supply (lets say in case of heart attack like it happend to my mother, or dive accident or other sickness), one has to go to far Cebu City, which takes another 3-4 hours.
Most inhabitants cannot even pay the transport cost to Cebu City or the cost for Hospital in Cebu City.

In case of TYPHOON no boat can cross the Visayan Sea from Malapascua to Maya. So, one is lost and in the worst case to stay and pass away in Malapascua.... like it happend not only once !

A Property in Malapascua for that proposed Hospital is since years available, given as donation to the Barangay Logon by the Resort Manager JOSEPHINE from "Mangrove Oriental Resort Malapascua". Also some Foreign Tourist offered help and want to give medical Equipment and medicin if the Hospital is build. But the hospital property is like years ago an unused lonely place.

Maybe Mayor of Daan Bantayan "Sun Shimura" can help, or Congressman "SALIMBANGON", or Governeur "Gwen Garcia" ?

So if anybody knows who can help or who is the one to solve that problem, let me know and send a comment....

Malapascua is a tiny island located across a shallow strait from the northmost tip
of mainland Cebu island.

Its about 2.5 kilometers long and 1 km wide. It's extraordinary long white beach stretches around the south-east coast of the island facing Cebu, Leyte and Biliran. Malapascua Island is popular to tourists who love to swim and snorkel.
This has also become a major dive center (long familiar among the international dive society) because of the
thresher sharks that can be seen daily at Monad Shoal (a soft coral habitat).
This Island has been noted to be one of the few places where one can have a sight of these harmless sharks at only 23 meters distance downward.